The emotion she brought us beyond the sea. – kintone business improvement

Hello, I am Shotaro Matsuda, a representative of Project Asunote.

There was a happy impression from my friends.

A local member came to Japan from an overseas company that introduced kintone several years ago. And she said that she wanted to tell Japanese member that “I got kintone and I got better”.
So, the meeting was held.

This time we will send you as a special contribution.


kintone business improvement can not be stopped.


The emotion she brought us beyond the sea.

Hello. I’m Karin Sakamoto, a representative of Caryncolabo.

I have been doing so-called “water-fall system development” on the development and operation maintenance team of the business system. Recently, I also work on improving business operation using kintone, JavaScript customization, and kintone-plugin development.

Her work came to Japan this time is the administration department of the head office. They starts using kintone around 2015. They uses kintone for some workflows, reporting on business trips and customer management. When developing applications and reviewing business processes, she is also involved as the main responsible person, and she is also a pretty master of kintone.

The things that remained strongly impressed at today’s meeting were as follows.


Memorandum that remained in the impression

Even if members are switched frequently, necessary information is accumulated, making information sharing easier.

Overseas companies say that the replacement of the local staff of the local people is quite intense (User registration request of kintone is also high).
When handlers took over, they were preparing documents. But there is very little to be conveyed there.

But now, information on each customer or each product are stored in kintone, the power of kintone is demonstrated when changing responsibilities or handover.


Since I am using workflow (kintone process management), I can understand what I should do.
In the past, although the business process is shown as a flowchart, actual jobs are flowing on a mail basis, so we managed to hold a huge number of mails by classifying folders. But we actually forgot it, it seems that there were many things to remember when others told me.

In kintone process management, the status of each person and each case is properly organized, so what you should do now is obvious.


For one case, the necessary interaction is using comments, but since exchange involving various stakeholders remains attached to the case, it is easy to understand when looking backward.

They make great use of the app comment function. I think that they originally communicated with LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp and other chatting tools. So I started using kintone’s comment function and I did not teach it immediately.

In the chat tool such as LINE, all the exchanges coexist in one place, but kintone ‘s app comment is linked pertinently with the relevant comment for each case.
I think that this is actually amazing.


Actions can be done quickly by attaching mentions in comments and notice of process management.

It is very convenient that you can see the notifications to you collectively, and reply on the spot and immediately take the next action. When you open a notice, all the necessary information is there.


Until now each copy was copied and handed out to the customers by copying them and it took quite some time to figure out what who sent out to which customers. But now, we have kintone the data is in kintone. By sending the form outputted by the PrintCreator, it was possible to respond immediately when something happened.

This is about creation management and distribution management of documents to be submitted to customers. Until kintone, many Excel and Word document files were scattered in file storage server , personal computers, and mailboxes without being organized. But now, information is organized and managed in kintone, and records are also left about distribution to customers.


The exchange of mail drastically decreased, the document preparation with the excel and the word decreased, the work efficiency got better, it became possible to turn it with fewer people than before.

The culture of creating documents in Excel, Word, and sending them by e-mail has been persistently established. However, the overwhelming convenience of Kinton has even changed the culture naturally. As a result, our work has become easier, the work has become more efficient, and consequently the productivity has been greatly improved.


Things I thought

kintone is a communication tool

I heard that by using kintone, communication was able to be taken very well, I thought that kintone is not only a database but a communication tool as well.

In fact, when I watching that comments are exchanged frequently, I think that kintone is a system close to people, friendly to people, unlike ordinary systems.


Joy of being told directly

I realized that what I was involved with was familiar with the business, it made me feel happy and convenient, and I was very happy that I got it talked with them directly.

In the system development so far, when starting to work, there are not many cases to tell us about good and bad things. I think that it will lead to our motivation by being told directly to us like this time.

There are walls of physical distances and language barriers, but it was really nice to hear customer opinions.


kintone will change people who use it

There was an app that was not used quite often, so I gave up on leaving it for a while. But gradually penetrated and started to be used. I guess it certainly feels convenient at some point, they think that various things have become established with ease.

And sometimes they are experiencing the process of making applications, so that users can do this too? They have come up with ideas for improvements such as. And in kintone it will be realized soon.

I realized again that the business system not only uses the given things, but also triggers to actively change their own work.


Surprised as an engineer

Although kintone system of this time introduces PrintCreator, it is made with almost standard functions only. There are no amazing JavaScript customization or plug-in, and we spend little time making it.

Even so, I feel that it is great to be able to provide such a satisfactory thing.
I thought cost-effectiveness was about as impossible to make from conventional system development.


at the end

Hi, this is Shotaro Matsuda.  How was it?

It was a report that inspired the impression that you got me directly from overseas users.

When Japanese companies make overseas subsidiaries, people in functional departments such as personnel, general affairs, accounting, and sales are dispatching accordingly, but there is no one looking at the business process whole the company, improving it and increasing productivity.

The manager at the work site does not know what to do, even if they have the desire to make the work efficient, they can not put much money on it. After all, your subordinates have only to say “Ganbare (Do your best!)”.

As a result, materials such as a huge number of manuals and flow charts are created, and Excel work increases. But it is far from fundamental solution.

Such a situation was common to most companies in many overseas subsidiaries that I have seen at least. I thought that raising productivity somehow was a matter of life or death.


kintone is a strong weapon to break out of this situation.
However, there are overwhelmingly few people to promote business improvement.


Project Asunote was born of the desire to grow human resources capable of improving work and increase it to the world. Whoever has the same will, why not walk together in the same direction?

I say again,

As a result, we can not stop kintone business improvement!



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